Firefly 1.8KW Slimline Carbon Fibre Patio Heater


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Product Description

Firefly 1.8KW Slimline Carbon Fibre Patio Heater

- Length: 58cm (1’11″) x Height: 160cm (62.9″) x Depth: 16cm (6.3″)
- Cable cord: 1.7m (5’7″)

- Equipped with a tilt switch – if the heater should fall over, it automatically switches off
- PIR sensor can detect body heat within a half-metre radius, switching on when someone is in the vicinity, and switching off when there is no one in the area for five minutes
- Free-standing – can be placed anywhere
- Remote control to switch the heater on or off, or change between heat settings
- Requires no maintenance – simply plug in and enjoy instant heat
- Compact and slimline for ease of positioning and storage
- Aluminium die-casting is rustproof and highly durable
- Rated at IP55 – weather resistant
- Has an attractive silver finish

This attractive slimline heater is electric, meaning that it is easy to use and energy efficient.

This electric heater uses a carbon fibre infrared heating element, which has many advantages over gas heaters. It is up to 30% more energy efficient than gas, saving you money and helping to reduce your carbon footprint. It has two heat settings so that you can choose your ideal temperature, and save further energy by switching it from 1800W to 900W. It can heat an area of up to 7m² (75 sq. ft.), making it ideal for either a party on your patio, or for commercial use in pub gardens, etc. It does not give off any harmful fumes or burn up the oxygen in the surrounding area, making it safer than gas, and suitable for indoor use if necessary.

It is equipped with several clever features designed to make it as safe and easy to use as possible.
Carbon fibre infrared heating element only heats surrounding objects, not the air – more effective, energy efficient heating
Electric heater is safer, cleaner, and up to 30% more energy efficientthan gas
Two heat settings (900W and 1800W) so that you can choose your ideal temperature
Can heat an area of up to 7m² (75 sq. ft.)
Ideal for domestic or commercial use, and can be used safely indoors if necessary


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