Plain Cast Chimenea 77cm high, by Buchanan


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Product Description

Historically, chimeneas originated from the Southern Highlands of Mexico as cooking pots for food such as Mexican flatbread tortillas. Clay was dug from the riverbed and moulded by hand into crude pots before being fired in simple wood-fulled kilns.

This style of cooking and the feeling of keeping warm around a campfire inspired the use of these clay pots as chimeneas. They developed into pots with longer necks and a stand to raise them off the ground.
Our clay chimeneas are still being made in the same region of Mexico as they have been for centuries, drawing on generation of experience of working with clay.

Cast iron chimeneas evolved as alternatives to the traditional clay chimeneas. The shape of the chimenea is still representative of the traditional clay version and it serves the same function. Handles or grills add to the functionality of the chimenea but warming yourself by a fire is the main purpose.

Modern steel design add a further twist to the evolution of the simple wood fired chimenea.
Made from cast iron
Rain lid
Mesh safety door
Suitable for outdoor use only
Measures 85cm (Height) x 40cm (Diameter)


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