The Primrose Walk Pergola – C- Metal Spikes from Buttercup Farm


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Product Description

2.4m x 2.58m x 2.28m
Please choose between options A, B and C for installing the pergolas.

Option A – For soft ground, plain posts are provided. A pre-dug hole and concrete are required for each post. It is recommended that 1/4 of the total height of the post is below ground level. The posts provided are slightly longer to compensate for this.

Option B – For solid ground such as patios or concrete, we recommend installing your posts with Metpost Pergola Bolt Downs fixed with Metpost Anchor Bolts. These are metal brackets that bolt the posts directly onto the flat surface.

Option C – Another option for soft ground is the Metpost Post Support Spikes. These are long metal spikes that attach to the end of the posts which can be driven into ground to provide a solid anchor. Care must be taken to avoid underground pipes and services.
FSC Certified
Pressure treated timber.


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